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Unbranded Fuel Distribution

Unbranded Fuel Distribution

Martin Eagle Oil Company has been a leading wholesale supplier of unbranded fuels since 1963. We supply petroleum products through our own private labels, Quick Track and Rapido, to meet the demands of our customers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area. We are dedicated to providing economic & efficient supply of top quality motor fuels in four trade classes: convenience store retailers, government agencies, commercial and industrial end users and high volume grocery/discount/EV retailers.

Since inception, we have established a strong reputation for delivering reliable products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service to a wide variety of clients, including convenience store retailers, government agencies, and commercial and industrial end users. We can customize a complete fueling solution to meet your specific needs – no matter how big or small. What’s more, we offer flexible pricing programs (OPIS, PLATTS, DTN) and fixed-forward price options to meet your budget. Equipped with 50 years of experience, let Martin Eagle Oil take care of all your wholesale fuel distribution needs!

Our fuel products include:


  • Reformulated: All Grades
  • Conventional: All Grades
  • Ethanol Blended: All Grades


  • Ultra Low Sulfur #2: Diesel, Dyed Diesel, Winterized Diesel, and Premium Diesel
  • K-1 Kerosene
  • Low Sulfur #2: Diesel and Dyed Diesel

About Quick Track

Quick Track is a highly-effective solution to your image, branding and fuel supply needs. We offer a complete branding package with graphics and innovative marketing materials that will enhance a new or existing site. Quick Track provides the independent operator the opportunity to compete in today’s highly competitive and challenging retail fuel environment.

For Quick Track, we offer low cost credit card processing.

About Rapido

Like Quick Track, we offer a complete branding program for our Rapido private brand with graphics and marketing materials that will improve any existing or new site.

We supply only the highest quality fuel products and innovative marketing programs to fit your specific needs.

We also offer low cost credit card processing for Rapido.

For more information on how your retail fuel facility can become part of the growing Quick Track or Rapido network, call 800-316-6148!

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