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Fuel Wholesale Programs

Fuel Wholesale Programs

Inventory Management

Martin Eagle offers inventory management solutions with tank monitoring technology that monitors your product inventory, delivery and sales data. This technology allows us to quantify and consistently reduce your distribution expenses and environmental risks, while substantially improving your inventory management system. Click here to learn more!

Retail Margin Enhancement/Protection Program

Martin Eagle Oil Company offers the highest-quality programs to enhance retailers’ margins through the use of fuel options traded by one of the largest professional trading companies in the United States. Click here to learn more!

Fleet Cards

We offer fleet fueling cards to help commercial fleet operators in Texas manage fuel costs and save more money with every gallon being used. We have options for both branded – Conoco/Phillips, Valero, Shell & Fina – and unbranded customers. Click here to learn more!

Gas Perks

Martin Eagle Oil offers incentives to build and maintain client relationships to keep your customers coming back again and again. We can provide more opportunities to save you and your customers more money on fuel purchases at the pump. Click here to learn more!

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