Inventory Management

Martin Eagle Oil’s Inventory Management solutions minimize the time and effort needed to manage your fuel inventories, without the hassle and costs of “sticking the tanks” several times a day. Our inventory management software uses secure technology to help you save time and money by:

  • Minimizing or eliminating fuel outages
  • Eliminating costly, time-consuming last minute orders
  • Eliminating the need to measure tank levels manually
  • Allowing you to remotely manage multiple tanks
  • Sending automatic fuel alerts via e-mail
  • Making historical fuel data available for trend analysis

Our professionals will monitor your fuel usage for you with tank monitoring technology that assesses your product inventory, delivery and sales data. We can also use wireless technology to push data from Automatic Tank Gauges, so that our transportation managers will have up-to-date data.

How it Works:

  • 1. We install state-of-the-art tank monitors into your underground or above ground fuel storage tanks
  • 2. Throughout the day, inventory levels are read by the monitors and transmitted to a central data center
  • 3. Tank inventory is delivered via email twice daily, so the inventory in any tank can be analyzed to make decisions regarding optimal order times and volume

Martin Eagle Oil can completely relieve you of the day-to-day management of your fuels inventory, allowing you to focus on your core business, or you can manage your inventory yourself. No matter what you choose, we’ll help you minimize costly fuel run-outs and schedule deliveries according to a set program that you approve.

Martin Eagle’s powerful Inventory Management Software allows you to easily access a variety of useful information:

  • Monitors tank levels, delivery dates and usage
  • Uses any PC with Internet connectivity
  • Maintains a history of inventory levels for trend analysis and planning
  • Allows flexible reporting options to track usage and fuel purchasing efficiency
  • Decreases transportation costs by increasing the average load size
  • Decreases the number of invoices processed by increasing the average delivery volume

Contact Martin Eagle Oil today at 800-316-6148 to learn more about our fuel management solutions for your business.